The Smoke Pen can be utilized for testing, inspection and certification professionals.

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This non-toxic and cool burning smoke emitter is very useful for airflow visualization, cleanroom recovery testing, fire and smoke alarm testing and more. The Smoke Pen works like traditional snap pens. The smoke emitter wick is placed inside the pen. The tip of the wick is adjusted to protrude 10 mm (3/8 inch) from the pen. The end of the wick is lit with a lighter or a match. The Smoke Pen generate a traceable continuous smoke trail. It can be easily extinguished by attaching the protective cover. The leftover wick can be stored in the pen to be re-used for the next time. The Smoke Pen has been used in Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Fire Safety, Food, Microbiology, Chemical, Semiconductor, Education, Visual Art areas, etc.

Visualization matters.

Airflow visualization tests are a very important part of testing, inspection and certification of HVAC systems. The Smoke Pen produces a traceable continuous smoke trail that has no initial velocity. This makes it possible to observe the airflow performance without disruptive effects from the smoke source. These tests provide an observable indicator of airflow performance. This information is required to document the level of success of the tested environment. Tested environment would have technical requirements according to national and international regulations. (cGMP, EU GMP, ISO 14644, ASHRAE 170, DIN-1946-4, NSF/ANSI 49, EN 12469, ASHRAE 110, EN 14175, etc.)

The Smoke Pen has been used for airflow visualization for Cleanrooms, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Areas, Operating Rooms, Intensive Care Units, Isolation Rooms, Laboratories, Biosafety Cabinets, Fume Hoods, Laminar Flow Units, Air Duct Systems, etc.

Your life safety matters.

Smoke detectors can be easily tested by using the Smoke Pen. The most critical part when testing smoke detectors is that the test media should be as similar to fire smoke as possible, it should have a long hang time which is especially important when testing Air Sampling Systems. The test media should not harm the detector's function.

Manufacturer (Björnax AB) has performed a test where they used the Smoke Pen and tested two different smoke detectors 200 times each, with the test time from smoke exposure to triggered alarm. The summary is that there was no extra delay in response-time after all tests, or any other malfunction noted.

Recovery Test.

The Smoke Pen is a particle generation source for Recovery Test according to ISO 14644-3. 96% of the smoke particles are between the size of 0,1 μm - 1,0 μm, the rest is higher. In a Cleanroom with 20 times/hour air exchange, it is sufficient to conduct only a 3 second smoke trail with the Smoke Pen. After uniform distribution of smoke throughout the cleanroom in 3 seconds, the recovery test can be easily performed with any Light Scattering Airborne Particle Counters (LSAPC). This test is performed to determine the ability of the cleanroom to eliminate airborne particles. Cleanliness recovery performance after a particle generation event is one of the most important abilities of cleanrooms.